OLI is a 2016 JUNO AWARDS (Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards ) winning drummer, producer, composer,  mixer, educator and a dedicated health & fitness enthusiast based in the Montreal area in Quebec, Canada. 

He’s toured the World for over a decade with several international bands such as KATAKLYSM (US/Canada)EX DEO  (US/Canada)BELPHEGOR (Austria) and KEEP OF KALESSIN (Norway), and NEURAXIS (Canada). He is also a drum clinician and instructor who performed at the MONTREAL DRUM FEST 2011. He also got featured several drum magazines around the World, including DRUMS ETC (Canada – Sept. 2014 – magazine cover), REVOLVER (US – Aug/Sep 2015), DRUMHEADS (June/July 2016), among others.

Oli now works as a producer, mixer and session drummer from his very own PIRATE STUDIOS QUEBEC. He is also working on an upcoming solo  release as well as a series of instructional drum videos called “EFFORTLESS DRUM CHOPS“, which premiered on Youtube in April 2020. Oli just released his first online masterclass “Make Your Drumming A Life Mission”, which focuses on empowering drummers and other musicians alike aspiring to make a living out of their art and find their own way inside the complex world that is the music business today. Oli also got featured as judge for the third season of BangerTV’s “Shredders Of Metal” drumming competition show, which premiered on July 27th.

Oli proudly endorses: Pearl Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Roland, 64 Audio, Vic Firth, Steinberg, Slapklatz, Neural DSP, High on Life Superfoods, Czarcie Kopyto pedals, GASP, The Kelly Shu, Sennheiser, Tune-bot, Puresound, Sonitus Acoustics, Neural DSP, iZotope, Eventide, Dynamount and Oeksound.