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DO YOU WANT TO make YOUR DRUMMING a life mission?


"MAKE your
drumming A
life mission"


Build Your Confidence

In moments of uncertainty, you may find yourself losing confidence and making bad decisions. Our path certainly always has its ups and downs. I will share with you how I managed to overcome some of the most difficult challenges so that you can avoid mistakes and a get shortcut towards success.​

Build Your Path

Do you have the right long term vision for your drumming mission that fits your goal and personality? Let's make sure you're not wasting your time and that the decisions that you're making today are the best for what you want.

Build Your Body

Do you really wanna play faster, get a more powerful sound, and be able to play on your kit anything that comes through your mind? The answer may be lying in some habits that you are ignoring. Their application uplifted my skills and creative ability to a new level, once I made them part of my daily routine. I'll share some of the most important ones with you!


Oli has been awesome over the last few years in helping me with technique and general drumming advice. Even on the more philosophical side of drums and performing, his insights were valuable. All around, he's a great character and generous with dishing out motivation and inspiration!
I met Oli when he performed at Montreal Drum Fest 2011, and since all these years, he’s become a massive source of inspiration. He is a skilled drummer and a "one of a kind" educator! Thanks Oli!
I have been playing for 35 years now and had to deal with many injuries. I had to stop for a couple of years. Oli thoroughly examined my technique and fixed it with his unique holistic approach so that I can avoid the reoccurrence of injury. He is also a huge source of inspiration!
Oli is fantastic, super down to earth, humble, great teacher, killer drummer. He takes his time during lessons to break everything down to something simple so that you can easily understand. I started working with Oli to improve my double bass skills, and he quickly caught on to things I was doing wrong that I didn't even know. He makes you feel very comfortable and takes his time to listen and answer your questions. He truly wants his student/clients to succeed

a word from Oli

“From the small village where I was born and where opportunities were very few, I never imagined where it could get me to head off the beaten path and to try to become a professional musician and travel the World – knowing I had no network or any real knowledge about the music business. Just as you may have heard yourself many times from the people around you, I was told that this venture would be a dead-end, unachievable… but all this time, I believed they were wrong. I now believe that all those who had the opportunity to accomplish such things should help lead other aspiring musicians onto that path, so now let’s make your drumming a life mission!” 



There is already so much stuff online, why do I need to WATCH anOTHER masterclass?

That is the problem, so many things, so much information, so much "experts" online... and how much people having real results? Not many. You need the information to be organized and real, based on real battle experience, from someone who really cares about you.  Also if you identify to me, my background and my philosophy, then this is the right educational tool for you. There are many things out there, but it doesn't mean that they fit your needs and the individual way to learn things.

I am not a drummer, SHOULD I still WATCH?

Absolutely! What I'm about to share during this event applies to any person in the musical field and beyond. It will help you shape a long-term vision of what you REALLY want to achieve in life and I will give you vital tools to help you push through this crisis and stay motivated to reach your goals. My pedagogy, sociology and traveling background helped me gain a life perspective that you can draw a lot from. All fans of my music are also welcome to this community where I can interact with you!

...But I've tried everything before!

You haven't tried everything, other you would have had all the results already. There is also always something new to learn, the music industry keeps changing and only someone from inside the daily life of playing, touring, and working with bands can give you the updates you need. You invest money in equipment, but if you don't know how to make your passion into a mission, nothing is going to happen. 

Will it take too much time to see the results?

You can apply the advice immediately, all depends on how you strongly you commit yourself to its application. You will obtain several tools to tackle the music business with precious insights no matter what.


"MAKE your
drumming A
life mission"